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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I bring when I come for a scheduled consultation appointment?

  • You do not need a referral from your general practitioner or another specialist. It can be helpful to bring this information with you, however is not essential.
  • Bring a list of your medications including any herbal or nutritional supplements is strongly recommended.
  • Preferably bring all your medications with you.
  • Copies of your medical records - if you have them can be helpful.
  • Any relevant x-rays, MRI and CT scans and ultrasounds, particularly anything including the abdomen or kidneys.
  • Any other medical information that you think may be relevant to your problem that you are seeing Dr Voss for.

What if my appointment is the result of an Immigration assessment?

Dr Voss sees people referred for specialist nephrologist or specialist renal physician opinion. Usually such people are referred by their general practitioner or immigration consultant or assessor. It is imperative you bring with you to an immigration assessment appointment with Dr Voss copies of any letters you have from Immigration New Zealand. In order for Dr Voss to write a relevant immigration medical report (written by Dr Voss to the medical assessor of Immigration New Zealand) to answer the question(s) the medical assessor asks you must bring - if you have one - the letter you have from Immigration New Zealand. Sometimes your Immigration Consultant or lawyer has this, and you should contact this person and get a copy of the letter(s) before your appointment.

Your Immigration New Zealand application number and client number are important - please also bring these with you to your first appointment. Please also bring with you:

  • A list of your medications including any herbal or nutritional supplements.
  • Preferably bring your medications with you.
  • Copies of any other medical records you may have from your home country.
  • Any relevant x-rays, MRI and CT scans and ultrasounds, particularly anything including the abdomen or kidneys.

Where are my medical records with Dr Voss kept?

Your medical file is both electronic and paper. Since December 2010 all new medical files are electronic only. Your medical record is filed in a password protected computer at the office. The office is remote to the clinics. A backup electronic record is also held. Any current relevant paper records are scanned, and the originals shredded and destroyed after scanning.

Any archived paper records (pre-December 2010) are stored securely until the file has been inactive for seven (7) years.

In 2018, all pre-existing paper records held will be securely destroyed. Dr Voss anticipates no paper records at all on any patient will be retained after 31 March 2018.

Your medical records are the property of Dr Voss but the information is yours and you are entitled to a copy at request. Dr Voss will accept an email from your last known email address as consent to provide your medical records to that email address. Your medical records can only be provided to a third party (not you or Dr Voss) with your signed consent in writing received by Dr Voss directly. Your medical records may be released to a third party if the person requesting is a registered medical practitioner and if Dr Voss believes that the information requested by that medical practitioner is to the benefit of your healthcare. Often this occurs in response to a request by you to the medical practitioner to contact Dr Voss but does not usually require your formal consent.

Clinical information about you may also be released to another health professional, e.g. dietitian or nurse when there is a need to enhance your best care.

Following each clinic consultation and sometimes following telephone or email communications a letter is written to the referring doctor or other appropriate medical professional (e.g. dietitian) and your medical information will be shared with these people where considered appropriate and to your health benefit. This may include referring you to other specialists, including - but not limited to - surgeons, radiologists ("x-ray" doctors) and laboratory specialists.

You will routinely receive your own copy of these communications. Your copy of the consultation letter and/or letter to the referring doctor (usually your general practitioner) - and if appropriate immigration medical report - is forwarded to you by post or electronically by email - if you provided Dr Voss with your email address. Many people have more than one email address. As your medical information is personal and confidential to you, consider carefully what email address you provide for your medical information to be sent to.

How can I get referred to Dr Voss?

You do not need a referral letter but information contained in your medical records over previous years (usually held by your GP) does assist in Dr Voss' assessment.

Click here to request an appointment online

  • You can request your General Practitioner to refer
  • You can ring directly the appointment line 0508 KIDNEY (0508 543 639) from within in New Zealand; or +649 277 1540.

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Dr. David Voss ED, Specialist Renal Physician Causes and Treatment Options for Kidney Stones